Precisa Model 117


Serial No. A817962

Date: 1968 (As indicated by the “A” prefix in the serial number)

Capacity: 9x8x13

Price paid: £26

This machine is a rather more obvious Facit clone than is the Everest Maxim AR shown elsewhere on this site.  It has the same capacity (9x8x13) and a broadly similar arrangement of input keys – although seeing them side by side shows that there could be some scope for confusion in going from one machine to the other!

An interesting design feature of the Precisa 117 is that the main crank is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees towards the operator – this presumably allows the machine to be more easily operated “square on”.

Another useful feature of this machine, in common with the Everest, is that the counter register does not increment while entering the dividend.

Also present on this particular machine, but not present on all examples of this model, are small tell-tale windows adjacent to the two upper clearing levers; these show a red flag if the register clearing operation is incomplete, otherwise they show white.




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