Addo Multo Model 3



Serial No. Mod 3 62608

Capacity: 10x8x13

Price paid (including postage): £50

Another fairly expensive machine, but Multo machines in good working order are not easy to find.

Addo was a relatively small Swedish manufacturer in competition with the Facit-Odhner combine.

Addo produced the Multo (!) range of machines, which comprised 5 models – 03, 3, 13, 103 and 113, most of which have equivalent models in the Odhner range.  For example, the basic machine, the 03, is equivalent to the 207, and the 113 is equivalent to the 239.  This model, the Model 3, has no direct Odhner equivalent – the nearest being the Model 207 but with a Control Register (or the 237 without the back transfer).

A brochure, giving a brief overview of the model range, can be viewed here, and a rather slim set of instructions can be viewed here.

Addo was eventually absorbed into the Odhner-Facit combine, and the last Multo machines were rebadged Odhners (see the Odhner page, for the Multo Model 115).


This particular machine is in very good cosmetic condition, and the only identifiable defects in operation are that the bell doesn’t sound very clearly and that the anti-reversing pawl doesn’t seem to engage.  Neither of these are important.  However, when the machine arrived the revolution counter was unreliable in operation.  This was found to be due to several of the number wheel detent levers being gummed to the shaft on which they are threaded – this meant that they moved together as a group, rather than one at a time, which led to number wheels being free to move when they shouldn’t have been, and being turned via friction by an adjacent wheel.  Luckily, I was able to partially dismantle the left hand side of the carriage (without removing it) and free up the stuck parts.  The trickiest part was hooking up the springs to the detent levers.