Nixie Tubes!

The following two calculators contain Nixie tube displays in which filaments describing the shape of the numerals are stacked within vacuum tubes.  With the ANITA machine, it can be clearly seen that the 6 is nearest the front.

ANITA 1011

Curta 007


Curta 008

Serial  No. M797

Date: 1970

Price Paid (including postage): £62

This is a large machine.  Inside the casing are about 15 printed circuit boards containing thousands of discrete components.  As far as I understand it, the six ICs in the machines are for the single memory, the internal store, and the display register.  Here it is next to the Facit CA 1-13:

Curta 018

and next to the Type 2 Curta:

Curta 009



Sperry Rand Remington 1211

Sperry Rand Remington 1211 Casio

Serial No.

Date: 1971

Price paid (including postage): £31

This is a Sperry Rand Remington calculator, which is actually a re-badged Casio machine.  I believe it to be quite rare.

Sperry Rand Remington 1211 Display

Sperry Rand Remington 1211 Casio