Triumphator Model KN

Serial No. 501776

Date: ca. 1960

Capacity: 7x6x11

Price paid:  This machine, along with the Brunsviga 20 and the Sterling “Plus” Adder, was a very generous gift from Colin Jackson of Heptonstall, West Yorkshire.

This is another machine which immediately dates itself to the late 1950s or early 1960s by virtue of its green hammertone finish, so very redolent of the era – and seen on laboratory and office equipment of the same era.

It is an unusual machine, both sophisticated and unsophisticated in equal parts, designed to be operated one-handed.  The revolution counter has tens carry, but lacks the auto-reverse facility normally present alongside tens carry – the direction of the counter is manually selected via the thumb-operated selector switch immediately adjacent to the main crank.  The quick clearance facility on the input register consists of an external paddle which engages with the pinwheel setting levers, pushing them to the zero position.  Stepwise carriage movement is effected via the push-and-pull levers immediately under the main crank – the carriage can be moved freely left and right if the button on the front of the carriage is depressed.

Selector switches to the right front of the carriage determine the effect of operating the clearing lever; when both selectors are in the “down” position, both the counter register and the accumulator are cleared – if either selector is in the “up” position, the corresponding register remains uncleared.

The top cover is made from something that looks like bakelite, so is fairly brittle.

There is a larger version of this machine, the model CRN2, which is on my radar should I see a decent one at the right price.

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