What’s New

20 June 2018

More photographs – Odhner 207 and 237, Brunsviga 13ZK, Multo Model 3, Walther WSR160 and others.

More User Guides – Shortcuts with the Facit, Friden STW and 132, Olivetti Divisumma 24, Addo Multo, and two Odhner guides

10 September 2017

I’m currently adding lots of new photographs.  Text will be added as an ongoing project.  Changes to the site contents will be highlighted here.

11 September 2017

Added photos to new section on Simple Adders – text to follow

12 September 2017

Added text to the Schubert page

Added text to the Muldivo page

18 September 2017

Updated Everest, Precisa, Marchant pages

22 September 2017

Updated Nixie Tubes and Friden pages

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